Strategies To Play PES 2018 Game

PES 2018 Strategies

Strategies To Play PES 2018 Game

PES 2018 is an impressive game that has been liked by innumerable soccer fans. It is a great improvement to the previous series of PES games. If you are playing PES 2018 for the first time or are a PES fan and are inquisitive to know effective tricks and tips, then you should read this post till the end. In this article, you will come across several tips and strategies that can be used for enhancing the gameplay.

  • Make use of random selection mode so that you can get used to the changing tactics of the game.
  • If you want to learn how to succeed in challenging matches, to overcome difficulties, and gain knowledge about new tactics, then you should play as a lower level team and not as the best player in the best team.
  • Use various strategies at the right time and right place. Do not overuse them!
  • Practice well so that you can learn how to use the free kicks and corner systems. Without practicing your moves, you will not be able to progress in the game.
  • Make use of various skill moves so that you can get unpredictable in the game.
  • Above the head of each player, you will notice an upside down triangle. If the triangle is filled with color, then it means you are currently controlling the player. However, if the triangle is empty then it denotes that you will be switching to that particular player next.
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  • Do not shoot from long range as the chances of the ball reaching the goal are lesser. Instead of using long shots, you should get a bit closer to the goal and when you have a clear sight of the goal, then hit the ball. This trick will enhance the chances of putting the ball in the goal.
  • Even though it is obvious, but most players get so engrossed in their game that they forget to hide their controller from their gaming friends with whom they are playing locally. It is necessary to hide your controller from your friends who are playing together with you so that they do not get to know which way you are going to hit a penalty. Moreover, you should even hide your gaming controller at situations when you are planning to steal their players.

So, make use of the aforesaid tips and tricks in PES 2018 game and enjoy your game to the fullest!

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